digital producing at Kshb

As an associate digital producer at 41 Action News, I am responsible for managing the station website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Duties also include writing and posting stories, cutting video, scheduling posts, handling breaking news, and thinking of creative ways to engage audiences and drive traffic to the website.  


On social

Facebook is an important publishing tool for newsrooms due to the large percentage of website traffic that comes from the platform (although it's unclear if it will remain this way as Facebook changes its algorithm). For this reason, it's important to engage audiences meaningfully, not to mention Facebook helps fashion a "voice" for a brand and a way for audiences to interact with a publisher.

In the Midwest, you quickly learn that your audience cares a lot about the weather, specifically big weather changes. To the left, you'll see an image I created for Facebook highlighting a weekend warmup, from 10 degrees all the way up to 55 degrees. It got more than 100 shares, and similar images I've created got upwards of 300 shares. I also created a series of badges for Chiefs games which generally performed well for us. Find an example here.

Our team also works on some paid content. Taste & See KC is a lifestyle and culture series that is sponsored on Facebook. I enjoy creating these videos because I think they're an interesting cross between advertising and news, and also give me a chance to learn more about the city I grew up in. Some favorites I've created cover Union Station, the Bloch Building at the Nelson-Atkins, and the Christopher S. Bond Bridge

Live streams are also a great tool since Facebook has favored live video so much. You can click the link below to find a live stream I ran. A Clinton, Missouri, police officer had been shot and killed, and we were able to stream the funeral service. I monitored the feed closely, replying to commenters and supplementing the stream with our previous coverage of the story.

TRUMP IN SPRINGFIELD TITLE SLIDE_1504134207556_65313542_ver1.0_640_480.jpg

on the website

One of my favorite parts of working in this role has been writing web stories and and coming up with creative content that people actively seek out. 

For example, I was in charge of KSHB's digital coverage of President Trump's visit to Springfield, Missouri, during which he announced his "pro-American" tax reform plan. I created a package of content that was easy for users to find on all of our platforms. On the website specifically, I wrote an preliminary article which I updated throughout and after the speech. I also created a photo gallery using pictures from our reporters in the field. I embedded that gallery in the main web story to encourage people to click through the photos. Find the article and gallery using the button below. I also ran live streams on Facebook, one when President Trump landed, and one as he gave his speech.



Analytics help digital producers in so many ways. In a few clicks, you can find out where your audience is coming from, what they're reading, how long they're reading, and if they're viewing anything else on the site. CrowdTangle offers something different -- analytics for Facebook pages that are more useful in some ways than Insights. 

One of the first projects I took on at KSHB was a CrowdTangle curation project. In addition to analytics, CrowdTangle allows you to create lists to see how you're doing in comparison to your competition, and which stories are trending on yours or others' pages.

I used CrowdTangle to create lists of local Facebook pages. I created a list for police departments on both sides of the state line in Kansas City, as well as school districts. I then set up "viral alerts" for the lists, which send an email to the web team when a post on any of the pages over performs.

This proved useful in finding story ideas for both digital-only stories and day-turn reporter packages. Click the button below to read one such story. I got a viral alert that a post on the Raymore Police Department's page was doing very well, so I looked into it and pitched it to reporters and producers in the morning meeting. The story did particularly well since it happened to be a patriotic story on the Fourth of July.


Please note that I have many other projects I've worked on in my time at KSHB that I'm proud of and showcase more skills, but I won't bore you with them here. If you'd like to hear more about what I've done, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!